A rhinoplasty can be done open (for more complex and larger changes) as well as closed. Dr.Kassir has performed 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, and even 6th revision rhinoplasties due to his expertise as a rhinoplasty expert. With board certification in both facial plastic surgery and ENT; Dr.Kassir is able to aesthetically and functionally correct the nose.

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Nose job recovery or social downtime is only 6 to 7 days when done with an experienced surgeon. Have you ever thought of getting a rhinoplasty but were afraid of negative outcomes or having to get a revision? Because Dr.Kassir has performed thousands of rhinoplasties, ranging from 2-5 a day, he is able to perform with the precision needed to drastically reduce the need for revision after a rhinoplasty. Patients as young as 13 can get a rhinoplasty when done with the right surgeon, and has a change that lasts the rest of their life. Since rhinoplasties are one of the most complicated cosmetic surgery procedures; the importance of seeing the right surgeon is the first consideration in deciding whether or not to have the surgery. If you are still saving for a rhinoplasty; you should consider a nonsurgical rhinoplasty that may fit your budget and help hide bumps or lift the time. Financing options such as Care Credit or Alpheaon let patients with a range of credit scores also finance their cosmetic procedures.

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